Pronunciations are at the “Pronunciations” tab.

This guide includes most mathematicians and mathematical terms that are encountered in high school and college.  I try to give pronunciations of proper names close how they are pronounced as in the person’s own language.
Some entries are obscure and may  be useful only in a game of mathematical trivia, e. g. d’Alembert’s mother, the name of the line in a fraction, or the man who shot Galois.  I have not  included  definitions or accomplishments.
Dates include B.C. or A.D. only if the choice is not obvious from the context.

There are tabs above that will lead you to the  Greek Alphabet (as said by Mathematicians),  several alphabet fonts (Fraktur [German, Gothic], Script, Double Struck [Blackboard Bold or Holey Bold]) and a list of  Symbols.

        Please let me know about any errors.   Comments, suggestions, and  help with missing dates and pronunciations are welcomed.

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